Thursday, 10 January 2013

Keeping up with social media trends...

Ok so I have my e-commerce site, not a problem (thanks to lessons from a very patient webdesigner Paul at Pulse -  The next step is a facebook page which I managed easily …though 86 likes is a bit rubbish after all this time! But it seems the trends in social media are constantly changing, I’ve now had to get to grips with twitter @IMieiCherubini - which involved more lessons from Paul on tweet etiquette - twittiquette? And just as I’m getting my head round all this tweeting people business my niece tells me it’s not cool anymore… Dougie from McFly has tumblr and he has a kidswear brand therefore I should have tumblr… grazie a Dio for teenage logic! Now I’ve done as I’m told, the delightful child has even deigned to follow me, I don’t have a scooby doo how these gifs are made… but am highly amused by them.

I’ve also discovered pinterest (yes I know I’m probably quite late to catch on to this) I like it, it’s easy to use and full of inspiration… though I’ve been reliably informed from the resident ‘cool’ expert that it’s a bit mumsy… indeed I saw one account where someone has pins of every last detail of the life they don’t yet have - how they’re going to dress their not yet conceived children, decorate their bedrooms, what the wedding to the not yet found father of their not yet conceived children will be like etc etc... all in worryingly minute detail. Thing is I think this woman was at least in her mid 20s but most likely older. Hey ho each to their own, and I still like pinterest.

Last but not least I also have this blog . I quite like the blog, it doesn’t demand constant attention and updates the way I feel other forms of social media do, and I’m generally quite pleased with the way it looks. However I’m unsure as to whether anyone reads it other than when I post links to twitter or facebook!

All in all I think we’re doing quite well keeping up with all this….. and I’m sincerley hoping Gabriellina doesn’t come in any time soon telling me there’s a new cool thing I need to be doing or I may never get away from my laptop!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kidswear Trends 2013

So before the next Pitti Bimbo gets us looking ahead to next Christmas here's a quick round up of what we've got to look forward to this summer...

One of the key trends that really jumped out at Pitti Bimbo was the use of neon for accessories and over outfits, not just because of the colour but also the ubiquity of it within the audience as well. Italy is already really taking to the neon trend... or at least the attendees of Pitti Bimbo seemed to be big fans!

Colours in general are still vivid and bold for boyswear. The greens, electric blues, red, pink and bold yellow from last year are still around and going strong. 

Sorbet pastels are looking refreshed against this backdrop and were shown in all the main catwalk shows. White is also incredibly strong, especially for more classic continental styles.

Gingham was also seen on most of the catwalks, in colour combinations of green and white, black and white, yellow and white and pink and white, usually in big bold checks... though we love the classic blue and white macro gingham styles!
Vintage has also inspired so many looks, but has become such a mainstream inspiration in childrenswear it seems unnecessary to point that out. Still, there are beautiful, timeless styles that we don't want to lose but continue to re-invent.
Another influence was hawaian prints, a bit of a 1950s feel to them - certainly quirky and fun but not particularly tasteful in the examples I've seen!

I Miei Cherubini is the ONLY childrenswear brand EXCLUSIVELY for BOYS! All our own range is produced in the UK, mainly using organic cotton. Tired of seeing baby boys dressed in uninspiring miniature versions of menswear, the design philosophy is about celebrating all that is special and adorable about the early years of every little boys life using the softest fabrics and angelic colours for little cherubs with celestial influence on the designs. So many brands cater beautifully for the needs of little princesses, we thought it was time for little princes to be the focus!

The brand was created in early 2012 and the range is growing steadily, bright colours and quirky, fun designs are on their way for the boyswear collection and more beautiful baby blues, pure white and the addition of fresh mint green will keep the babywear collection looking heavenly! For t-shirt prints the colour palette is inspired by a traditional gelateria with vivid hues and sorbet pastels mixed together in delicious combinations. Quirky slogans and super cute prints will make this summer's collections a must have for any little cherub's wardrobe.

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