Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ever fancied learning a new language?

If you're based in or around Newcastle these Italian lessons could be just what you're looking for Cherubini Italian lessons  fun, friendly and catered to your goals and level, a bargain at only £20 per hour! Give it a go, buona fortuna!

The inifinite cuteness of twin boys!

Being from a family full of twins and having a partner who is sandwiched between two sets of twins as his older and younger brothers I am a sucker for cute twin baby pictures.  Finding this one of my father and his (obviously non identical!) twin made my day!

The debate about whether to dress twins in matching or co-ordinating outfits can get quite heated and awfully serious, I found this article by Pamela Prindle Fiero on this subject interesting ...Ultimately though, the debate for me is only the cut off point age wise. While twins are babies not only do little co-ordinating outifts look absolutely adorable and celebrate the fact that they are twins.  I can't see how this affects their identity as individuals and most of the twins in my family end up dressing in a similar way all their lives due to shared tastes rather than any lack of individual identity!

You can find beautiful co-ordinating gift sets for twins at I Miei Cherubini, with most styles available in blue and cream colourways you can give a gift of matching but not identical outfits.  All made in the UK from organic cotton and lovingly presented in organza bags or beautiful gift boxes.

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Enough with all things pink and sparkly... lets switch the focus to beautiful things for the little prince in your life...

I Miei Cherubini is focused on beautiful clothes and gifts for baby boys. I was inspired by how difficult I found it to buy gifts for my nephews (i miei cherubini!). We didn't want them dressed in miniature versions of menswear, they have all their lives to wear jeans, while they are babies we wanted them dressed as babies. After hearing friends and relatives making the same complaint, I decided to create a range to solve this problem, the look is traditional with a twist. I intend to expand the boyswear range in the near future, but for now I Miei Cherubini is mainly about perfect outfits and gifts for those first few precious months. So many brands cater beautifully for the needs of little princesses, we thought it was time for little princes to be the focus!

I Miei Cherubini è la collezione di vestiti e regali per neonati. Le difficoltà nell'acquisto di doni davvero interessanti per i miei nipoti (i miei cherubini!) è stata la fonte di ispirazione.
Stanca di vederli vestiti come adulti in miniatura, quando hanno tutta una vita per mettere un jeans, mi sono convinta che i bambini devono vestire come bambini.
Parlando con amici e parenti che condividono problema e filosofia, ho deciso di creare la collezione, abbinando un look tradizionale ad un elemento di originalità.
A breve ci sarà una linea piu grande di vestiti per bambini, per adesso I Miei Cherubini vuole essere la collezione perfetta di abbigliamento e regali per i tenerissimi primi mesi.
Se la scelta è già ampia per le piccole principesse, I Miei Cherubini promette di pensare ai nostri piccoli principi!

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Welcome to the world little Prince! Royal baby's arrival is putting a smile on our faces...

Well I am fairly sure I'm not alone in thinking all this Royal baby business is just lovely.  It's a feel good news story in a sea of depressing issues.  Though we don't know the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge we get the impression they're a lovely young couple, a fairytale prince and princess, the arrival of the little prince is another heartwarming chapter to the already captivating story.

The first images of the royal baby with his parents are picture perfect, you would never believe Kate had just given birth as not a hair was out of place (and I'm not making that as a bitchy comment, more as a poor girl, leave her to recover from it all in peace!)... to quote my pregnant cousin "I just wish this had been Kate's statement: The baby is happy and healthy. I will not be standing outside having my pictures taken and smiling politely as I have just been in labour for 11 hours and my he was a big 'un. I can't be arsed to have my hair and makeup done so will be going home in my jim jams"

Here are a selection of my favourites from yesterday's Royal baby pictures:




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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Do the bookmakers know something we don't about the Royal baby?

Alexandra is still at the top the list of bookies favourites for the royal baby name (quite pleasing as my name is Alexandra and the only things the name is currently associated with in my area are a few unglamorous roads, bridges and pubs). More intriguing is that currently the top 5 names are all female with George coming in as the 6th favourite followed by Alice and with James at number 8 only 2 of the top ten names predicted for the Royal baby are masculine. Did all this really come about because of Kate apparently saying 'Thank you I'll take this for my d...'?! She could have been about to say I'll take it for my dog for all we know then thought better of it!

Coming in at 40/1 is the name Maud... really Princess Maud?! Perhaps equally if not more unlikely are Camilla at 100/1 and Fergie at 500/1. And should William and Kate follow Coleen Rooney's example and name the baby Kai there will be some happy gamblers and very unhappy bookies as the odds are a whopping 1000/1!

Looking at the list of names predicted for Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall's baby, I was quite surprised to see the list significantly less traditional... the sort of names that would disgust the very *ahem* opinionated Katie Hopkins! My favourite of the list being at 500/1, Toytown, I don't know very much about gambling, but I'm fairly sure the bookmakers' money would have been safe to offer 50,000/1 on Toytown Tindall being the moniker chosen for Zara and Mike's firstborn.

No sign of drab maternity wear throughtout the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy, many online blogs and magazines all over the world have been following and document her style throughout.  This page on the Daily Mail's website give a nice concise overview ...very elegant, however I'm not sure I could be bothered with high heels when heavily pregnant!

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

'Royal Baby Watch' fast becoming a worldwide craze!

It was reported this week that camera crews have already started lining up outside the Duchess of Cambridge's chosen hospital (it would make me giggle if it was a bluff and she sneaks off to another hospital!) despite the Royal baby not being due for another 10 days or so!

Marie Claire magazine have done a great feature on the 1st pictures of Prince William, Princess Diana and Prince Charles chose the same hospital for his arrival in 1982

Princess Diana and baby Prince William outside the Lindo Wing

With excitement building all over the world for the arrival of the new Royal baby, I Miei Cherubini has a range of gorgeous gifts for your little princes!
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Monday, 1 July 2013

With the arrival of the Royal baby imminent, why not treat your piccoli principi [little princes] to some of these regal delights?!
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Hype is building around the royal arrival, as The Telegraph put it in their recent article

"Duchess of Cambridge: The world is going wild for the royal baby"

"It is, the Washington Post declared, “the world’s most famous baby”. When the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to her son or daughter in the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital, Paddington, next month, millions will be watching events – not just in Britain but around the globe. The first heir to the throne born in 31 years; grandchild of Diana, Princess of Wales; and the latest in a generation of young royals who are idolised like celebrities – it’s no wonder the royal birth is expected to generate £260 million worldwide.
In Britain, excitement remains muted, with royal-watchers waiting until the baby is born before planning celebrations. But around the world – in America, India and the former colonies of Australia, New Zealand and Canada – royal baby fever has reached a peak" source: 27/06/2013